Jason Barton of Colorado Provides Advice for Those New to Paddleboarding

Jason Barton Colorado

Summer has finally arrived, and countless Americans are looking for new ways to enjoy some fun in the sun. For Jason Barton of Colorado nothing comes close to the fun and serenity that comes from a day spent on the lake paddleboarding. Today, Jason Barton of Colorado will offer some tips and tricks to help anyone just starting their paddleboarding journey.

If you are reading this blog, Jason Barton of Colorado believes you are following the most important rule for a new paddleboarder and that is asking for guidance from those who have done it in the past. Paddle boarding isn’t too difficult to pick up, but there is danger in rushing into the sport. By understanding a few safety measures upfront. Any new rider can better protect themselves and their paddle board.

Every paddle board will come standard with a leash. Jason Barton of Colorado notes that everyone should wear their leash while they paddle board. The leash protects the rider and the people in the lake or other bodies of water that surrounds them. When you fall, and you will fall as a beginner, the leash ensures that the board doesn’t fly away or smack someone else along the way. Make sure the leash on your paddle board is securely around the ankle, and you’ll always have a flotation device to grab onto after a fall.

Jason Barton of Colorado notes that one of the most common mistakes for those new to a paddle board is paddling the wrong way. It seems wise to scoop the water as one tries to balance, but the paddle should go the other way while standing. Paddling the right way will put a lot less strain on the shoulders and the elbows of the rider. Focus on pulling the blade through the water in a slight trailing position. This will help ensure blade stability and allow for a rider to progress into more powerful strokes for speed.

Jason Barton of Colorado notes that people who focus on paddling with their arms are going to wipe themselves out rather quickly. The trick is to learn to paddle with one’s core. Standing up tall and using the arms is what will feel natural, but learning how to utilize one’s core to paddle will enhance their strength and increase the amount of time they can spend paddle boarding. It’s also a great full body workout!

When lining up the board on the water, know that the fins should always be to one’s back. Fins at the back will help keep the board straight and provide the rider maintain their grip while surfing a wave. When the fins are facing towards the front, the board won’t be able to maintain a straight direction and a rider is likely to spend most of their time in the water.

If you go out with an experienced paddle boarder like Jason Barton of Colorado, you are going to be told to look up over and over again. New paddle boarders will want to look down at their board to check their stability. This only increases the likelihood of a fall. By maintaining a focus on the horizon with one’s head up and body weight over the toes, it will be much easier to stay upright and enjoy longer sessions out on the water.

Falling is part of the experience of riding a paddle board. Jason Barton of Colorado reminds riders that there is absolutely no shame in falling. What is an issue is when riders don’t know how to fall properly. It’s a good idea to practice falling away from the board. Because a rider is attached at their ankle, they don’t need to worry about losing their board. When it’s clear that a person is heading into the water, they should always look to jump away from their board to prevent their board smacking them in the head on their way down. It’s also a good idea to stick to lakes and bays without much of a wake when starting out.

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