Jason Barton of Colorado

Welcome to a website dedicated to the work and interests of Jason Barton of Colorado. While this site will often focus on recent building projects completed by Jason Barton of Colorado, there will also be blog posts on everything from snowboarding and hiking to the benefits of faith and getting active within one’s community. Be sure to visit the blog often for the latest insights from Jason Barton of Colorado.

As a carpenter passionate about turning customer dreams into reality, Jason Barton of Colorado loves when he can take a vision of a client project and turn it into a structure his clients love. Always interested in entrepreneurship, Jason Barton of Colorado earned his MBA with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and Business Strategy from UNC-Chapel Hill in 2014.

Following his passion for building and his knack for design, Jason Barton of Colorado has greatly enjoyed tackling different remodeling projects that have turned into real estate investment opportunities. Jason Barton believes any skilled remodeler has an opportunity to strengthen their portfolio by flipping properties with untapped potential. For many years, Jason Barton worked on solo projects where he would build everything from decks to special patios for his customers to enjoy.

Today, as a lead carpenter and project manager, Jason Barton is often tasked with demolishing current structures and laying the groundwork for upcoming structures. There’s quite a bit of prep work that goes into this, as Jason Barton must study the blueprint and materials to ensure all materials, supplies, and tools are available for the job.

A trusted source for complex jobs, Jason Barton digs and pours caissons to stay in line with specific engineering specs. Always someone who is proud of his work, Jason Barton of Colorado loves how much customers appreciate the clean-up and restoration of the area surrounding their new structure.

Future blogs will touch on some of the many decks that Jason Barton has designed and constructed. His work also includes several pergolas and a pavilion, which requires the installation of both trusses and roofing materials. Unlike some of his solo entrepreneurial endeavors, many of these tasks take teamwork, which Jason Barton has really embraced. It’s a great feeling when a team comes together to develop a solution when the blueprints hardly tell the full complexity of a job. It’s a great life lesson to realize how important it is to consider all opinions on a project to accomplish the main objective.

Whether Jason Barton of Colorado is on the clock or enjoying his free time, it’s not uncommon to find him building. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the outdoor construction industry was one of the few to receive a boost in business. Companies like the one Jason Barton works for were in high demand as people looked to create an outdoor oasis at home to enjoy while in quarantine. It was very rewarding to provide a service to people that could bring a little bit of hope and enjoyment during a very difficult time for people who missed going out and enjoying their typical activities.

Speaking of things people could enjoy during the pandemic, Jason Barton loves the hiking challenges provided by the beautiful landscape of Colorado and its famous 14’ers. Much like with building, there’s a great sense of satisfaction when you reach the end of a challenging hike. Future blog posts will offer advice to new hikers and tips for those looking for ways to get outside more often. In addition to hiking, paddle boarding has been a true outlet for Jason Barton. With hiking and paddleboarding, there’s an excellent opportunity to get out in the sun and put away the distractions of the digital world. Jason Barton can’t recommend finding time to escape the noise and hustle and bustle of everyday life enough. After a long day of quietly connecting with nature, Jason Barton feels completely rejuvenated and energized.

Finally, Jason Barton has also found that giving back to your community is a great way to reinvigorate the soul. Through organizations like Samaritan’s Purse, the local soup kitchen and Habitat for Humanity, Jason has been able to give back to those who can benefit from his skillset. Barton is hopeful that this website will inspire others to get out and make a difference in their local communities.